APB: When Worlds Collide

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For years MMOG players have been pleading with developers for something new and fresh in the genre. Sword and sorcery games wear thin on the player base and the desire to branch out into new worlds on everyone's lips. While many games have attempted to break us from the bonds of our fantasy environs, few have ultimately succeeded. Luckily for us however, the developers haven't given up and several new titles promise to break the cycle of disappointment. One of the most unconventional of these up and comers is All Points Bulletin, a persistent world cops vs robbers game with a twist, that is the brain child of Grand Theft Auto creator David Jones. Join Medawky this week as he looks at the differences and similarities between these two flavors of games and the people that play them.

Looming on the horizon are several new offerings that have a solid FPS feel to them. While this is certainly nothing new in the market, it does tend to signal more of a trend than did, say, Planetside or Anarchy Online when they were released. Another trend being brought to the forefront of massively multiplayer online role-playing games is a departure from the tired and overused fantasy setting by way of a shift to high tech and “real world” style games. Of this new breed of MMOG, none combines all the elements quite the way All Points Bulletin (or APB you acronym fans) does. APB looks to be the epicenter of the impending collision between GTA and MMO gamers and the results look to be very interesting to say the least.
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