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Posted Thu, Apr 26, 2007 by Boomjack

11 more wins until the Stanley Cup Parade in Sabreland.
I've mentioned this before to lukewarm response, but I believe that it is time to change the format of this blog and it's accompanying mailing list. There is far too much "Bling" in the layout of the mailing list for my liking. It was a fantastic way to start 567 editions ago, but is time we went back to a simpler, easier to follow format.
The real question isn't whether we should remove the bling, but should we alter or adjust what I am writing each day? I'm not alluding to the numerous spelling and grammatical errors. I'm referring to the actual content. What is most important to you? Does the Real World News or Vin Diesel Fact detract from the MMOG content? Is the opposite true? Should I perhaps just give up and write comics for a living?
I would love your feedback. What brings the 500,000+ of you back each month to this blog and newsletter? Comment in the blog, or fire me an e-mail and let me know how important each of these areas is to you.

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Perhaps the content is just peachy, or perhaps it should be split into separate articles, or perhaps some of it should just be put on the shelf, retired and thanked for a job well done. Whatever the case, I truly appreciate that you read this every day and I value your feedback. Send it in!
I'm not sure how I missed this announcement, but apparently you all missed it as well. Sony Online Entertainment sends out an abundance of press releases. I do read them all, eventually, which is why I noticed something peculiar about a release that went out on April 11th.
The title was unnecessarily lengthy and may be the reason that I abandoned reading it the first time. It went something like this, "SOE Taps Industry Veteran To Further Strengthen San Diego Company's International Presence in Online Gaming"
They had me at "SOE Taps", which is also where I terminated my reading the first time. My short, let's call it economical attention span was the reason that I missed this gem folded so deftly into the bowels of the release in the first place.
"Prior to joining SOE, Christensen served as Vice President of Business Development for IGE where he drove the company's relationships with the massively multiplayer publishing community."
IGE + SOE, Warhammer release date, LotRO impressions and much more is but a click away today in Loading...

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