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The Daeva Weekly #2 - Long Queues and Short Skirts

Posted Fri, Sep 25, 2009 by Savanja

Launch week for Aion has been roller coaster of excitement for some, and a long line for others. If you chose one of the less populated servers then you've been spared much of the pain, but for those who picked more popular servers (darn you Lumiel!) then you know my own hell.

In this week's Daeva Weekly, we cover the ups and downs of launch, catch you up with all the news, and take a detour down the road of avatar hotties.

I think this is where the blur between fantasy and reality always gets mucked up. Killing baby seals in game doesn't make you a animal rights nightmare and sporting a leather miniskirt and virtual wonderbra in game doesn't make you a man hungry sexpot. Learn and know the difference and the gaming world will be a better place for us all.

Sorry boys, no actual pics of hotties, but still worth reading. Check it out right here!

This week in the news: EVE players blow a hole in the universe, EQN: Landmark alpha begins, and Pantheon partners with Shroud of the Avatar.

Fri, Jan 31, 2014

Aion deploys update 4.5: Steel Cavalry today with its cypher-blade wielding Aethertech, new instances, and more.

News, Official Announcements
Thu, Jan 30, 2014

The Aethertech class leads the charge of new content as Aion’s 4.5 update rides to live servers next week with new instances in tow.

News, Official Announcements
Thu, Jan 23, 2014

This week in the news Defiance chat finally gets some love, Pantheon hits Kickstarter at full speed, and Dan Stahl exits the STO team.

Sat, Jan 18, 2014

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