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Bill Roper Talks About the High Expectations of a New MMOG

Posted Mon, Sep 28, 2009 by Martuk

Is the bar set too high for new MMOGs? Bill Roper, the Executive Producer on Champions Online thinks this may be the case. In a recent interview with Warcry, Bill talks about the standard bar of creating a new MMOG and compares Champions Online to other games on the market, including the recently launched Aion.

I think there's a lot of interest in that, but it comes down to: Is the game fun, solid, and a good game? Certainly, I think that there's a very, very high bar if you're making a (quote/unquote) MMO right now. Maybe an impossible bar. If you're launching an MMO, you won't just get compared to your genre in terms of fantasy vs. sci-fi vs. superheroes, you'll be compared to any other games in the genre that players like. "Oh, you're an MMO? Then I'm going to compare you to EQ and WoW and WAR - any other MMO that's big and popular!"

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