Bill Roper Talks About the High Expectations of a New MMOG

By Stacy Jones -

Is the bar set too high for new MMOGs? Bill Roper, the Executive Producer on Champions Online thinks this may be the case. In a recent interview with Warcry, Bill talks about the standard bar of creating a new MMOG and compares Champions Online to other games on the market, including the recently launched Aion.

I think there's a lot of interest in that, but it comes down to: Is the game fun, solid, and a good game? Certainly, I think that there's a very, very high bar if you're making a (quote/unquote) MMO right now. Maybe an impossible bar. If you're launching an MMO, you won't just get compared to your genre in terms of fantasy vs. sci-fi vs. superheroes, you'll be compared to any other games in the genre that players like. "Oh, you're an MMO? Then I'm going to compare you to EQ and WoW and WAR - any other MMO that's big and popular!"

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