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By John Hoskin -

I spent about three hours playing Lord of the Rings Online last evening. So far, so good!
A big thumbs up to Turbine for launching a MMOG and not having the bottom fall out of their servers spilling bits all over the countryside. Too often the community is lying in wait, like a flock of vultures to voice their displeasure and devour the attention that they receive for doing so. Turbine gave them nothing to latch onto and for that I am thankful.
The only major criticism that I could discover was that there were queues. I didn't personally run into one, but apparently some people did or possibly heard rumours of some people who did and via forum osmosis posted that they did as well. The official Support Forums seem to have the same minor basket of problems that any other MMOG had at launch
I played long enough to reach level 8, or was it 9? I came across the normal procedural content completing such important tasks as killing five bears, many goblins and numerous creatures that could have been bears or goblins had their model simply been changed. What was refreshingly different was that I enjoyed reading the quest text and that for the first time that I can remember the journey was actually more fun than the resulting increase in levels. It should be no surprise that questing was a more efficient way of leveling than grinding at the low levels that I experienced. It remains to be seen if this is the case as a player hits higher levels.
My views hold some water, but not as much as a guest who stopped by Loading... yesterday. Scott Adams is the person who brought adventure games to home computers. No matter which MMOG you play, you owe some amount of gratitude to Mr. Adams. Among other things Scott had this to say about LotRO,
The words of a legend, then more of my words, then some words I looked up in a dictionary because I didn't know what they meant are yours today in Loading...

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