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Supergroup Showcase: The WildCards - Page 2

Posted Fri, Oct 02, 2009 by JoBildo

OPENING STATEMENT: If you're looking for the biggest, most hardcore elite team of butt-kickers ever to step into an MMO then you can just keep looking, cupcake. We're the other guys - a bunch of casual folks who play MMOs on our terms. We're about having a good time in good company. We play with our drink on and our pants off, and we don't care who knows it.

RECRUITMENT: 18+ to apply. We have an application, but honestly, this isn't a hard guild to get into. If you're an interesting, easy-going big kid with a cool personality you're gonna do just fine.

PVP: Absolutely. Especially now that we're not fighting the same @#$%ing cookie-cutter builds every match.

ROLE-PLAYING: We don't discourage it, but we don't practice it.

ALT POLICY: Until Cryptic gives us more than 250 characters per guild we only allow one character in the WildCards. However, we have an alt guild (the Discards), and will keep creating new alt guilds so long as we have WildCard alts that need a home.

INACTIVITY POLICY: If you can't be bothered to log in once every few weeks we'll probably kick you. But if you let us know ahead of time you'll be fine.

COMMUNICATION: We maintain a website as a central location for our gaming community. In addition, we have a vent server for those chatty folks that want to schmooze in more than just guild chat.

WEBSITE: www.unrepentantgaming.org

WE DO NOT WANT: People who type "u" or "ur" instead of "you" or "your/you're". Seriously. I hate you people.

RECRUITMENT INFORMATION: – Our official forum recruitment thread, which has everything you need to know to hook up with us, including the fact that I prefer Belgian beer, and all of my officer corps readily accept bribes in return for "favors" (negotiable definition of that word): http://forums.champions-online.com/showthread.php?t=28518


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