Cryptic Adds New Ship, Bridge Officer, and Crew Details for Star Trek Online

By Stacy Jones -

Red shirts, officers, captains, and Star Trek junkies rejoice. Cryptic has been busy updating their Star Trek Online website with more juicy tidbits of information this week. Not only have they made additions to their Ships Overview page, but information for how Crew and Bridge Officers will affect gameplay space-specific gameplay has been added as well.

The nameless men and women on a captain’s ship are represented with the Crew statistic. They’re the “red shirts” that take care of the litany of tasks captains and Bridge Officers don’t have time or will to do, like repairing damaged subsystems or hull damage, repelling boarding parties, joining on boarding parties (which, if successful, damage an opponent’s subsystems), and so on. Players won’t be able to interact with their crew on a daily basis, but their status will be visible, so captains won’t have to worry about getting caught off-guard if their crew isn’t in tip-top shape.

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