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Posted Mon, Apr 30, 2007 by Boomjack

Vanguard Gets PerSONYfied
Last week we took a lot of flack for posting about a rumour that had been circulating through the Vanguard community since the game had launched and perhaps even before. The rumour linked Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) with Sigil in a partnership to right the listing ship we affectionately refer to as Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.
Over the weekend Brad McQuaid posted the following,

“SOE is in discussions with Sigil regarding the future of Vanguard and Sigil Games in Carlsbad. Talks are going well and first and foremost, our primary concern right now is what's best for Vanguard and its community. We want to ensure that this game and its community have a healthy future. The specifics that we work out over the coming days will all be with that single goal in mind.
What does that mean? It means that right now Vanguard is doing decently but not as well as we hoped...So the bottom line is that SOE is going to be getting more involved with Sigil and Vanguard – our relationship is going to become even tighter – much tighter. At this point I can’t say much more than that.
Does this mean an acquisition? I can’t say at this point.
Does this mean more or less people at Sigil? I can’t say at this point.
Does this mean management changes at Sigil? I can’t say at this point.
I *can* say that regardless of the turn out, SOE knows that Sigil has the experience and vision necessary to run Vanguard and therefore a major change in that area is extremely unlikely and would be foolish on their part.
What it does mean at this point is that both companies agree that we need more of SOE’s involvement if Vanguard is going to continue to get the support it needs to both continue to be worked on and improved and debugged and optimized.... "

There you have it. SOE and Sigil are in talks about Vanguard. It's obvious what SOE has to offer to this relationship. Money, expertise, marketing clout, and more don't come without a price. Sigil can offer a development team that is capable of completing the project that they started.
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