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Posted Tue, May 01, 2007 by Boomjack

The response to the new layout has been mostly positive so far. Only two people were upset that Vin had been retired. Peter, I feel your pain brother!
I expect to see the fourth horseman ride by my office window any moment. First I am told that Coyote is playing WoW. Then I discover that he has called in sick. Yeah, called in sick to play WoW. There is nothing more to say, except that Coyote hasn't linked back to my column in over 180 days.
We couldn't possibly have a new MMOG launch without people complaining. They complain that there are not enough servers. They complain that there are too many servers. They complain that they can't play a specific race/class combination. They complain that they can't have a virtual same-sex marriage. Wha?
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