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Gortok Palehoof

To begin this encounter several of your party members will have to click on the stasis controller located in his room. Once activated the orb will make it’s way through the room bringing to life 2 (or 4 on heroic) of the animal statues along the walls. Each animal will be brought to life separately, and each has their own abilities:

Jormunger - Poison cloud on the ground. Summons non-elite adds.
Rhino - Stomps for heavy damage. Has a charge that will leave target with a DoT.
Furlbog - Non interruptible Chain Lightning. Randomized agro, AoE Fear, and will Enrage
Worgen - Hit’s heavily and will Mortal Strike the tank.

However the animals should easily be defeated as they are mostly tank and spank fights. Once killed Gortok himself will be activated by the orb.
Gortok is like the animal bosses before him in the sense that he is basically a tank and spank.  He will need to be tanked facing away from the party to avoid his Arching Smash. Occasionally he will also target a random party member and throw a spear at them, stunning them and doing initial damage and leaves a DOT on the target. This can be taken off the affected target by simply healing them back to 100% health. Gortok also has a built in enrage timer, as every 10 seconds he will cast Withering Roar. This Roar will reduce all party member’s’ health and if he is not killed fast enough will eventually result in your party being one shotted.

Gortok Palehoof Related Achievements:

There are no achievements related to Gortok Palehoof at this time.

King Ymiron

Once engaged Ymiron requires little strategy but can still prove to be rather difficult. Ymiron hits rather hard, using Dark Slash on the tank dealing 50% of the tank’s health in damage. and will put up Bane from time to time. Bane will reflect an amount of damage per attack back to everyone within 10-15 yards. Bane is dispel able, but if it cannot be dispelled then your DPS will need to stop DPS till Bane fades. Ymiron will also cast Fetid Rot on a random party member. This can and should be removed as quickly as possible as it does damage and reduces healing taken. Every 33% (20% on heroic) of his Hp Ymiron will stun all party members and run to one of the boats located in the room. Each boat will give him an additional ability  until 33% or 20% of his HP. After reaching the next 33/20% mark the old boat will burn and Ymiron will activate a new boat.

With respect to Ymiron’s throne these boats do:

Near Left (Haldor) - Spirit Strike which increases damage taken and stacks over time
Near Right (Bjorn) - Summons Spirit Fount, an orb that does AoE Shadow Damage and moves around the room slowly
Far Left (Ranulf) - Give the Spirit Burst ability which is a damage dealing AoE Shadow Nova
Far Right (Tor) - Summons 4 Avenging Spirits

King Ymiron Related Achievements:

King’s Bane

This achievement requires your party to defeat King Ymiron without anyone in the party triggering Bane. This achievement can be completed two ways. The first requires your party to burn down the boss fast enough that he will not have time to cast Bane between activating boats. Bane is cast every 20 seconds between boats, so burn everything you have and get him to activate the next boat before he gets a chance to cast.  You can also break the stun with Blink, Iceblock, a PvP trinket, etc to get in extra damage time.

The second way this achievement can be obtained (and probably more doable for the not so geared group) is to simply watch for the boss to begin casting Bane and have your entire party stop DPS.  Keep in mind that pets will activate Bane so be very cautious here. To reduce the time King Ymiron has Bane up and make the fight easier for all Bane can be Purged, Dispelled, eaten by a Fel Hunter, or Spell Stolen.

Hail To The King, Baby

This achievement is only available during Children’s Week and simply requires you to defeat King Ymiron while your orphan is out. So pop your orphan out, defeat King Ymiron as usual and this achievement will be yours.

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