Argent Crusade Reputation Guide

The Argent Crusade was formed from the union of the Argent Dawn and the Order of the Silver Hand. Formed shortly after the battle for Light’s Hope Chapel, which is experienced by Death Knight’s doing the quest The Light Of Dawn, in which Ashbringer is reclaimed by Tirion Fordring during a battle with the Lich King. Assuming leadership over the Argent Dawn Tirion united the two factions in order to bring the fight to the Lich King in Northrend. Every member of the Argent Crusade is handpicked by Tirion himself to avoid infiltration by the Cult of the Damned.

Argent Crusade Bases

The main Argent Crusade base currently appears to be at the Argent Vanguard located on the border between the Storm Peaks and Icecrown. Other bases throughout Northrend include:

  • Light’s Trust in Dragonblight
  • Dawn’s Reach in Dragonblight
  • Light’s Breach in Zul’Drak
  • The Argent Strand in Zul’Drak
  • Argent Tournament in Icecrown

Argent Crusade Quests

There are more quests than you think available to help you improve your standing with the Argent Crusade. Even better most of these quests can and will be completed while you are leveling! Below is a list of all the normal quests available to you to earn reputation. Included will be how much reputation will be gained from each quest, quest level, and if the quest is faction specific only. Chain quests will be grouped together as best as possible.

Howling Fjord

[71] The Shining Light (Alliance)
[71] Guided by Honor (Alliance) - +75 Reputation.


[74] The Call of the Crusade - +25 Reputation.
[74] The Cleansing of Jintha’kalar - +250 Reputation.
[72] Imprints on the Past (Alliance)
[72] Orik Trueheart and the Forgotten Shore (Alliance)
[72] The Murkweed Elixir (Alliance) - +250 Reputation
[72] The Forgotten Tale (Alliance) - +250 Reputation
[72] The Truth Shall Set Us Free (Alliance) - +500 Reputation


[75] Wanted: Ragemane’s Flipper - +350 Reputation
[75] This Just In: Fire Still Hot!  - +250 Reputation
[75] In Search of Answers - +150 Reputation
[75] Orders From Drakuru - +250 Reputation
[75] Crusader Forward Camp - + 25 Reputation
[76] That’s What Friends Are For…  - +250 Reputation
[76] Making Something Out Of Nothing -+250 Reputation
[76] Light Won’t Grant Me Vengeance - +350 Reputation
[76] A Great Storm Approaches
[76] Gymer’s Salvation - +250 Reputation
[76] Our Only Hope - +75 Reputation
[76] The Storm King’s Vengeance - +500 Reputation
[75] Taking a Stand
[76] Defend the Stand - +250 Reputation
[76] Parachutes for the Argent Crusade - +250 Reputation
[76] Pa’Troll - + 250 Reputation
[76] Something for the Pain - +75 Reputation
[76] Throwing Down - +75 Reputation
[76] Creature Comforts - +75 Reputation
[76] Lab Work -+250 Reputation
[76] Skimmer Spinnerets -+250 Reputation
[76] Crashed Sprayer -+250 Reputation
[76] A Tangled Skein - + 250 Reputation
[76] Pure Evil - + 250 Reputation
[76] Death to the Necromagi - +250 Reputation
[76] Malas the Corrupter - + 350 Reputation
[76] Cocooned! - + 250 Reputation
[76] New Orders for Sergeant Stackhammer - +10 Reputation
[76] Argent Crusade, We Are Leaving!  - +250 Reputation
[76] Mopping Up  - +250 Reputation
[76] The Drakkari Do Not Need Water Elementals!  - +250 Reputation
[76] Gluttonous Lurkers - +250 Reputation
[76] Leave No One Behind - +250 Reputation
[75] Siphoning the Spirits
[76] Stocking the Shelves - +250 Reputation
[76] Clipping Their Wings - +250 Reputation


[80] Jagged Shards - +250 Reputation
[80] I’m Smelting…Smelting! - +250 Reputation
[80] The Runesmiths of Malykriss - +250 Reputation
[80] By Fire Be Purged - +250 Reputation
[80] Tirion’s Gambit - +500 Reputation
[80] Preparations for War
[78] Judgment Day Comes! - +25 Reputation
[78] Honor Above All Else
[78] Scourge Tactics- +250 Reputation
[78] Curing the Incurable - +250 Reputation
[78] Defending the Vanguard - + 250 Reputation
[78] If There Are Survivors…
[78] Into the Wild Green Yonder - +350 Reputation
[78] A Cold Front Approaches - +10 Reputation
[78] The Last Line of Defense - +500 Reputation
[78] Once More Unto the Breach, Hero - +10 Reputation
[78] The Purging of Scourgeholme - + 250 Reputation
[78] The Scourgestone - +250 Reputation
[79] The Air Stands Still - +500 Reputation
[78] The Restless Dead - +250 Reputation
[79] The Stone That Started A Revolution - +250 Reputation
[79] It Could Kill Us All - + 250 Reputation
[79] Into the Frozen Heart of Northrend - +250 Reputation
[79] The Battle for Crusaders’ Pinnacle - +250 Reputation
[79] The Crusaders’ Pinnacle - +500 Reputation
[80] The Skybreaker (Alliance)
[80] Orgrim’s Hammer (Horde)
[80] A Tale of Valor - +10 Reputation
[80] A Hero Remains - +250 Reputation
[80] The Keeper’s Favor - +150 Reputation
[80] Hope Within the Emerald Nightmare
[80] The Boon of Remulos - +250 Reputation
[80] Time Yet Remains - +10 Reputation
[80] The Touch of an Aspect - +150 Reputation
[80] Dahlia’s Tears
[80] The Boon of Alexstrasza - +250 Reputation
[80] Hope Yet Remains - +10 Reputations
[80] The Will of the Naaru - +150 Reputation
[80] The Boon of A’dal - +250 Reputation
[80] Light Within the Darkness - +500 Repuation
[80] I’m Not Dead Yet! - +250 Repuation

Argent Crusade Daily Quests

While you can obviously  gain a ton of reputation just from the normal quests you will complete while leveling up there are also two daily quests offered outside of the Argent Tournament to help build your Argent Crusade Reputation. The two daily quests are:

[80] Slaves to Saronite

The Slaves to Saronite quest can either be picked up on the Skybreaker from Absalan the Pious, or on Orgrim’s Hammer from Brother Keltan. To complete the quest you are required to rescue 10 Saronite Mine Slaves from inside a cave. The cave in question is located in Ymirheim, a vrykul stronghold located almost directly in the middle of Icecrown. Once inside the mine quickly take out the guards and proceed to talk to the slaves using the “You’re Free” chat option. The slaves will then do one of three things; run out of the mine free, attack you, or go crazy and throw themselves off the ledges at the back of the cave. Only the slaves that run out of the mine free count towards the quest total. Keep talking to slaves until 10 of them run out of the mine. Upon completion of the quest you will gain 250 reputation with the Argent Crusade. (On Patrol)


The Pa’Troll quest is a little more involved and difficult to complete. To begin you will need to make a visit to Commander Kunz at the Argent Strand. Once you have spoken with Commander Kunz he will ask you to visit the four Argent Crusade posts starting with Captain Brandon . You will then need to follow their orders, in a form of 4 daily quests (1 for each Captain and the Alchemist). While Alchemist Finklestein’s task will remain the same from day to day the other Captain’s quests will change daily. The various NPCs and the quests they give are as follows:

Captain Brandon

Located SW of the Argent Stand, between the water fields and Kolramas, Captain Brandon will offer you one of three possible Troll Patrol quests.

[76] Troll Patrol: Can You Dig It?

Captain Brandon asks you to use the Steel Spade on Ancient Dirt Mounds to find the Ancient Drakkari Relic. The Ancient Dirt Mounds can be found almost directly SW from Captain Brandon and are very easy to see. Use your Steel Spade next to the mounds and a random event will happen. Either you will find an Ancient Drakkari Relic and complete the quest, an easy to kill mob will spawn, or you may also get a chest that will be filled with random goodies. Keep going mound to mound until the quest is completed, then turn it in to Captain Brandon.

[76] Troll Patrol: High Standards

In this quest Captain Brandon will ask you to place the Argent Crusade Banner in the Drakkari Pedestals at Drak’Sotra. The pedestals to plant these three impressive banners are located in the courtyard just north of Captain Brandon.  They look a lot like large crates on the ground and also sparkle like other quest objects. Simply kill the surrounding mobs, walk up to each of the pedestals and plant your flag. Do this 3 times and this quest will be complete. Turn in to Captain Brandon.

[76] Troll Patrol: Something for the Pain

Captain Brandon asks you to collect 5 Mature Water-Poppies from Drak’Sotra to reduce the pain of his soldiers. The Water-Poppies can be found just west of Captain Brandon and are surrounded by angry water elementals. The Water-Poppies themselves are tall blue colored flowers. Pick 5 and turn in to Captain Brandon.

Captain Brandon will then send you to Captain Rupert.

Captain Rupert
Located Just NE of Kolramas Captain Rupert will offer you one of three possible Troll Patrol quests. These quests will only be available after you have completed Captain Rupert’s quest.

[76] Troll Patrol: Done to Death

Captain Rupert requests that you use the Incinerating Oil on 5 Defeated Argent Footmen in Drak’Sotra to prevent them from rising again. The Defeated Argent Footmen are located southwest of the quest giver. Simply target the corpses, and use your oil to light 5 of them on fire. Once completed turn back in to Captain Rupert.

[76] Troll Patrol: Intestinal Fortitude

Captain Rupert asks you to help restore courage to the cowering Crusade Recruits by speaking with them. The Recruits are located throughout the area, even inside of buildings. Click on and speak with 5 of them to complete this quest then turn back in to Captain Rupert.

 [76] Troll Patrol: Throwing Down

Captain Rupert asks you to use High Impact Grenades near 5 Nethurbian Craters. Located roughly west of the quest giver these Craters can be somewhat difficult to find. Keep in mind they are small brown and cone shaped and when targeted will light up and have the description “Nerubian Crater”. Once you have found one, get close to it and use your grenade. Do this a total of 5 times and the quest will be complete. Turn into Captain Rupert.

Captain Rupert will then send you to Captain Grondel.

Captain Grondel

Located outside the Coliseum, near the amphitheater east of the Argent Stand Captain Grondel will offer you one of three possible Troll Patrol quests. This quest will only be available after you have completed Captain Brandon’s and Captain Rupert’s quests.

[76] Troll Patrol: Couldn’t Care Less

Captain Rupert assigns you to kill 7 mossy Rampagers located in Drak’Agal, located between the Argent Camp and the Amphitheater. Simply kill 7 Rampagers and this quest will be done. Please note the Rampagers have a notoriously slow respawn rate so a little patience may be needed here if anyone else is attempting to do the quest at the same time.

[76] Troll Patrol: Creature Comforts

Captain Grondel asks you to bring him 20 pieces of Dead Thornwood. If you go into the water the exact way where Captain Grondel is looking you will see branches sticking up out of the water. These are the Thornwood you need. Simply wander around and pick up 20 pieces and return the quest to Captain Grondel.

[76] Troll Patrol: Whatdya want, a Medal?

Captain Grondel requests you to gather 7 Drakkari Medallions from nearby Drakkari Corpses. Much of the area is standing water so the Corpses can be difficult to find, but keep a close eye out and you will finish this quest in no time. Loot 7 Corpses and turn the quest back in to Captain Grondel. Please note the corpses can be looted while mounted, and Hunters should use track Undead to find the corpses more quickly.

Captain Grondel will then send you to the final quest giver Alchemist Finklestein.

Alchemist Finklestein

Located slightly SE of Voltarus inside a building Alchemist Finklestein will offer you the final Troll Patrol quest. Unlike the other quest givers he will give the same (and possibly one of the most annoying in the game) quest every day.

[76] Troll Patrol: The Alchemist’s Apprentice

Alchemist Finklestein asks you to assist him in the creation of a truth serum by collecting 6 different ingredients. The ingredients can be found in 2 rooms located in same building as Alchemist Finklestein.  Ingredients will vary each time the daily is done and can make the quest more than difficult. Once the quest is started the Alchemist will whisper ingredients in your ear and you will be charged with finding them.

Thankfully there is a pattern to the madness. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ingredients are common (both rooms will have the ingredient in multiple spawns), the 4th and 5th are uncommon (found in only one room in multiple spawns), and the final ingredient is rare (only 1 spawn ). Rare ingredients can always be found on the second rack from the bottom except for the Crushed Basilisk Crystals and Ghoul Drool.

Locations for the ingredients are as follows:

Both Rooms:
Withered Bat Wings
Pickled Eagle Egg
Icecrown Bottled Water
Hairy Herring Heads
Muddy Mire Maggots
Pulverized Gargoyle Teeth
Pickled Eagle Egg
Putrid Pirate Perspiration
Seasoned Cider Slider
Speckled Guano
Spiky Spider Eggs

Left Room Only:
Raptor Claw
Crushed Basilisk Crystals (South Self, Bottom Rack)
Frozen Spider Ichor (West Shelf)
Chilled Serpent Mucus ( East Shelf)
Blight Crystal (South Shelf)
Abomination Guts (North Shelf)
Prismatic Mojo

Right Room Only:
Wasp’s Wings
Ancient Ectoplasm
Shrunken Dragon’s Claw
Troll bane (Right North Shelf)
Crystallized Hogsnot (South Shelf)
Ghoul Drool (Left North Shelf, Bottom Rack)

Once you have collected all 6 ingredients and turned them in, the quest will be completed. To make things easier there is a highly praised add-on called EasySerum that will help you complete this quest much faster and without consulting a list as it will pop up the locations on your screen as they are given to you.

You should then return to Commander Kunz and turn in the Troll Patrol/Pa’Troll quest. Upon completion you will gain 350 reputation with the Argent Crusade. You may have noticed when you accepted the initial quest a 20 minute buff was applied to you. If you can manage to complete all the sub quests within 20 minutes you will be able to get the quest Congratulations! which will award you 500 extra reputation with the Argent Crusade.

Other Argent Crusade Reputation

More reputation can be gained by purchasing the Tabard of the Argent Crusade from Veteran Crusader Aliocha Segard in the Argent Vanguard. While wearing this tabard in level 80 dungeons will award 2 to 30 reputation per mob kill depending on difficulty and roughly 300 reputation per boss kill.

You can also gain reputation by visiting the Argent Tournament in Icecrown. You should be able to gain roughly 1350 reputation just doing the quest line to open up the Championship Level, and a possible 1100 reputation with the new dailies. Once you reach a high enough rank there will be six daily quests available:

[80] A Champion Rises

[80] Taking Battle to the Enemy

[80] Among the Champions

[80] Battle Before the Ciradel

[80] Threat From Above

[79] Contributin’ To The Cause

Please note that all these quests except for Contributin’ to the Cause will give Death Knights, Knights of the Ebon Blade reputation instead of Argent Crusade.


Rewards for the Argent Crusade can be purchased as you gain faction from Veteran Crusader Aliocha Segard located in the Argent Vanguard.


[Tabard of the Argent Crusade] 


[Arcanum of the Fleeing Shadow]  
[Cloak of Holy Extermination]
[Standard Issue Legguards]
[Special Issue Legplates]


[Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector] 
[Argent Skeleton Crusher]
[Battle-Mender’s Helm]
[Design: Guardian’s Twilight Opal]
[Fang-Deflecting Faceguard]
[Purifying Torch]
[Zombie Sweeper Shotgun]


[Boots of the Neverending Path]
[Helm of Purified Thoughts]
[Pattern: Brilliant Spellthread] 
[Polished Regimental Hauberk]
[Signet of Hopeful Light]

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