Star Trek Online VIP Q&A with Craig Zinkievich

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As part of our Premium Membership Program, members get a chance to ask their own questions of the developers for various MMOGs. This week, we talked to Cryptic Studios about Star Trek Online. Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer, was more than happy to answer questions from our readers ranging in topic from ground vehicles, to some hints about crafting, to instancing and raiding.

We definitely plan on having microtransactions in the game. I know it was a pretty big bruhaha when Champions Online announced it, but pretty much everyone understands that itÂ’s for cosmetic things. If there are any items that you can get with microtransactions, you can also get them in the game. ItÂ’s not a microtransaction advancement model, most of the items are cosmetic - costume pieces, that sort of stuff.

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