The Colorful World of Aion Armor Dyes

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Aion Dyes are another fun little aspect of the game that offers another level of customization for our characters. You can take the standard armor that everyone seems to be wearing and make it your own with a simple change of color. Find out how you can add a little color to your own wardrobe in this dye tutorial.

If youÂ’ve checked the broker for petals then youÂ’ve probably noticed that the more popular and higher skill level colors are quite expensive. If you want to use them, it is vastly cheaper to hunt them down yourself, or if youÂ’re a profiteer, there is definitely kinah to be had if you farm for these and sell them on the market.

Get the basics on dyes and petals to make your wardrobe sparkle in this Aion Armor Dye Tutorial.
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