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The Cleric's Guide to Healing in Aion

Posted Thu, Oct 29, 2009 by Stow

Healing in Aion can be a much more complex task than it is in other mainstream MMOGs for a number of reasons. As picking the right heal for the right situation can ultimately mean the difference between keeping your tank alive and certain doom for your entire party, we've put together a complete guide to healing in Aion for the aspiring Clerics among you.

If your tank can survive a further beatdown after a wide area of effect attack, you'll load this heal up.  If you can afford the time to do it, using Grace of the Empyrean Lord beforehand is advised since the MP cost is huge on this heal.  Even with the terrible efficency from an MP perspective, if only a few people need a lot of healing but they need healing fast, throw this out there and go to work with single targets after that.

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