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By John Hoskin -

I had a much more serious article in the works for today, but after reading Cody's "Top Ten Properties to Make Into MMOGs" I felt obliged to textually tape together a list of my own. So here you have it. I decided that although I agree with Cody that Harry Potter, Knights of the Old Republic and Grand Theft Auto (it's coming and it's called APB, developed by Davey Jones of GTA fame) are top ten properties I decided to choose a list that did not include any of his choices.
I left out any properties that I knew to be currently in production and sharing information about that production. Stargate and Star Trek came immediately to mind. World of Darkness, White Wolf's vampire property also would have made this list if it wasn't already in the works. Warhammer 40k, though apparently in the development pipe at Vigil Games isn't pushing out any public information, so it made the list. It's just a gleam in a developer's eye down in Austin as far as we know. Likewise the comic book properties.
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