WoW: Rogue Poisons

Posted Mon, May 07, 2007 by LadySirse

Rogue Poisons

We've got a new guide that covers all of the details on those sly Rogues and their poison ability. We've got the intell on how to take out the quests, on what poisons are best, and what poison does what. So if you're looking at how to take out someone in a sneaky fashion then take a look at our guide!

"Poisons first start out as raw materials, usually things obtained either through herbalism or the "Shady Dealer" that is located near most Rogue trainers. The poison is created through the poison skill (obtained at level 20 by a quest and usable from the spellbook). Like any profession, you take the raw materials and "craft" them into the poison through the profession interface. "

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