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On Friday I stole a great column idea from Cody and posted my list of 10 Untapped MMOG Properties. Coming in with a bullet at #2, as announced by Casey Kasem was Starcraft. The next day the good folks at CVG posted this news bit announcing that a StarCraft MMO was in the works.

Blizzard had let the cat partially out of the bag earlier when they let the world know that they would be making a StarCraft announcement on May 19th in Korea. My guess was that it would be the unveiling of the next StarCraft real-time-strategy title. Apparently, at least according to the rumour and speculation, I was wrong

It's unclear how StarCraft will affect the MMOG industry. It has a high bar to leap if it wishes to exceed the success of its older brother WarCraft. Will you play StarCraft Online? Can Blizzard actually eat up more of the market? Do tell.

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