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Runes of Magic - First Impressions - Page 2

Posted Thu, Nov 12, 2009 by ZeroMerc

RoM Peeps

-Key Features-

What makes RoM different from other MMO’s? For me it’s the key features that seem to work well together without causing a disjointed feel.  I have not had a chance to try out or enjoy the benefits from all of these features yet but they include:

  • Housing– In the land of Taborea you get your own house.  Right now I could find about 150 different ways to customize your home.  You gain the items through quests, the item shop and on the Auction House.
  • Guild Castles – These wonderful buildings give your guild a place to hang out other than the local pub with all the other players streaming around.  As your guild levels up and expands you will be able to add workshops, academies and bolster your defenses. There is also a PvP aspect to Guild Castles in that you can attack or be attacked by other players.
  • Dungeons – I have yet to venture into one of these areas but there seems to be quite a bit of talk about how the dungeons are randomly generated.  I am very excited about this mostly because after you have run something 20 times and it’s still the same then it gets very very old.  Now, it appears that not all Dungeons are random and in fact some of them are the staple Instances that have become so common in today’s MMO’s that the fact you have a choice is exciting.
  • Diamonds – This is the micro transaction piece of RoM. Almost, if not all, free to play MMO’s have some type of micro transaction component.  Some of the available items greatly alter the game and make it difficult for those who do not use them to get very far. In RoM so far the few times I have ran into diamond use it has been only a slight enhancement that allows me to complete a task quicker while still being able to complete it without the use of a diamonds.
  • Costumes – I have not personally had any of these but have seen them on other players in game.  The costumes allow you to customize your look without losing your stats.  Through the use of a tool called the “Aggregator” you can transfer the stats off a piece of equipment you own onto a costume piece so you can venture in style.  It appears this can only be used with the help of diamonds.
  • -Overall Impressions-

    Runes of Magic seems to be a very well put together free to play MMO that has well balanced classes that are not so balanced that every class can do everything but balanced to the point where every class has a role that can be filled better than another.  The crafting and selling portion of the game seem to fit well with the community.

    Normally I am not a huge fan of free to play MMO’s. They just seem to fall down in one area that is so glaring that over time it’s impossible to over look.  Up through level 20 I have not found that to be an issue. I would recommend RoM to anybody who either A) does not have the funds to afford the upfront cost of a game or the ongoing monthly sub B) just does not want to pay to play every month or C) is breaking into the world of MMO’s for the first time and is looking for a chance to try them out and not shell out a bunch of dough for something they may not like.

    I could go on about the merits of RoM and why you should try it and some of the other features that are in the game but with the info I have given you here I hope it’s enough for you to give it a try.

    I doubt you will regret it if you choose to venture into the land of Taborea.


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