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Frenzyheart Champion

Completing the quest Frenzyheart Champion will make you honored with the Frenzyheart Tribe and hated with the Oracles. It will also open up several daily quests that will be your way to continue to gain reputation with the Frenzyheart Tribe. The dailies are offered by Elder Harkek, Rejek, and Vekgar at Frenzyheart Hill. Three daily quests amounting to a total of around 1700 reputation, are offered each day. The daily quests may vary from day to day. Below is a list and short explanation of all the daily quests available.

Kartak’s Rampage

Given by Vekgar this quest requires you to bring a sample of Oracle Blood to the Alter of Kartak (Letter A on the map) to summon Kartak the Abomination. Once you do this it is requested that you use Kartak’s shared powers and kill 50 of the nearby Sparktouched Gorlocs (Letter B on the map). The Blood drops off of just about any Oracle, however you can get a head start by heading over to Sparktouched Haven and killing one of the quest mobs for the Blood. Return to Kartak’s Hold to turn in the Blood. The Alter that you are looking for is right next to Shaman Jakkjek in almost the very back of the camp. Summon Kartak and slaughter yourself some Oracles! Gives 700 reputation.

Tools of War

Given by Vekgar you are required to retrieve some of Zepik’s traps from his stash in Kartak’s Hold (Letter A on the map) Using the traps you are then to kill 50 of the nearby Sparktouched Gorlocs (Letter B on the map). The traps can be found southwest of the Mosslight Pillar, near the edge of the zone. The box with the traps can be found in a box between two cases on the western rise of the southern “house” shown on the world map. The Gorlocs needed for the quest can then be found directly west of the Mosslight Pillar. The most efficient way to use the traps is to pull between 6-10 mobs, use the Vine trap, use the Volatile trap, move back slightly and then use the Spike Bomb. If the traps are too confusing the Gorlocs can also be killed the old fashioned way. Gives 700 reputation.

Secret Strength of the Frenzyheart

This quests asks you to obtain Thunderbrew’s Hard Ale and combine it with Wolvar Berries that Vekgar provides to make a secret Frenzyheart drink. After you make the drink you are to kill 30 Sparktouched Gorlocs. To obtain the ale you will need to travel to Nesingwary’s Base Camp and speak to Grimbooze Thunderbrew (letter C on the map). He will simply give you the Ale. Go to Kartak’s Hold (Letter A on the map) which can be found west of the Mosslight Pillar and right click the berries that will be in your inventory. Drink the newly created Ale to receive it’s buff and then proceed to kill every Gorloc in sight until the quest is completed. Gives 700 reputation.

A Hero’s Headgear

This quest requires you to get Venture Co. Explosives from any of the Venture company untils at Swindlegrin’s Dig (letter D on the map) and then use them to obtain a Stormwater’s Head. The Venture company mobs you seek are located slightly north east of Nesingwary’s Base Camp. Once the explosives are gained fly west to the Maker’s Perch (Letter E on the map) to find a Stormwatcher. Kill it, and then use the explosives on the corpse. Gives 500 reputation.

Chicken Party!

Elder Harkek asks you to capture 12 Chicken Escapee’s that are running loose throughout the camp (letter F on the map). Simply take your chicken net, chase the chickens down (easier on a mount) use the net on them and then click on the chickens to pick them up. A very easy and fun quest. Gives 500 reputation

Rejek: First Blood

Rejek asks you to use his blade in the corpses of a Sapphire Hive Wasp (letter G on the map), a Hardknuckle Charger (letter H on the map), and 3 Mistwhisper members (letter I on the map).  Hive Wasps can be found south of Frenzyheart Hill, Hardknuckle Chargers can be found just east of Frenzyheart Hill, and Mistwhisper members can be found near the Glimmering Pillar. Don’t forget to use Rejek’s blade on the corpses! Gives 500 reputation.

Strength of the Tempest

Rejek asks you to gather 3 Essences of Monsoon and 3 Essences of the Storm (letter J on the map) and then take them to the Shrine of the Tempest (letter K on the map). The elementals that give these Essences are located on Stormwright’s Shelf which is far to the northwest behind the Maker‘s Perch, and can only be reached via flying mount. Once there kill the Storm Revenants and Aqueous Spirits until you have 3 of each Essence. You should be able to see the Shrine, it’s a small tower that is down an unmarked path. Once there stand next to it and the rest will be done for you. Gives 500 reputation.

The Heartblood’s Strength

Rejek asks you to bring a vial of Suntouched Heartblood back to him. He will provide you with the required vial but you will need to search out the blood by killing a Goretalon Matriarch. The Matriarch can be found on the north edge of the Basin north of the Bone fields (letter L on the map). Once you have the blood go to Suntouched Pillar (letter M on the map) and collect the water there. Combine both the items and you will gain the Suntouched Heartblood. Gives 500 reputation.

Frenzyheart Rewards

The Disgusting Jar is probably the most sought after item that the Frenzyheart’s offer as it can yield a costume that will transform your character into a Wolvar for 10 minutes. There are other awards that may be of interest that the Frenzyheart’s offer those who have taken the time to earn their friendship which are listed below:


[Roasted Mystery Beast]
[Design: Reckless Huge Citrine]
[Nepeta Leaf]


[Azure Strappy Pants]
[Discarded Titanium Legplates]
[Giant-Sized Gauntlets]
[Muddied Crimson Gloves]
[Scavenged Feathery Leggings]
[Sparkly Shiny Gloves]
[Stolen Vrykul Harpoon]
[Disgusting Jar]
[Design: Jagged Forest Emerald]


[Frenzyheart Insignia of Fury]

Frenzyheart Achievements

There are three achievements related to the Frenzyheart Tribe faction:

  • Frenzyheart Tribe - Gained by gaining exalted reputation with the Frenzyheart Tribe
  • Mercenary of Sholazar - Gained by gaining exalted reputation with both the Frenzyheart Tribe and the Oracles.
  • Honorary Frenzyheart - Gained by completing all 8 daily quests offered by the Frenzyheart Tribe.

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