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Ryan Shwayder, previously a community relations manager on EverQuest 2 and now a Game Designer/Community Relations Manager at 38 Studios posted an idea that seems so simple, so logical, so much common-sense that of course it is the one thing that most MMOGs lack.

"Make a great game first. One of the fallacies in MMO design is that you need to start with all the other games in the genre as a baseline, then work your way from there. This is not true. You need to first try to make a great game. Make sure the game is fun"

Make a great game first. Forget about how expansive the world is, or if you have 16 races and 37 classes, or what intellectual property you are going to prop the franchise up against, make a great game.

If you haven't read A Theory of Fun by Raph Koster I suggest you pick it up. You can literally blow through this book in an afternoon, yet many of you will learn something.

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