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Aion Cooking Guide 100-199

Posted Thu, Nov 19, 2009 by Stow

Congratulations on making a bunch of food no one could ever possibly want in the first tier of cooking! Your reward is paying to upgrade to a tier where you still can't make anything useful for another 50 levels. Don't fret, it'll all be worthwhile in the end. Getting to that end as efficiently as possible is what we're looking to do, and we show you how to do it in our second part to our cooking guides, 100-199.

Sushi is your big money maker in cooking since every mage and Cleric will be chewing on it as they level if it's available at a decent price. It's why I haven't told you to make Dorado Soup or Spicy Gadill. Mages love magic boost, mages love magic accuracy, and sushi does it all in one food slot.

You can check it out here!


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