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Sins of a Solar Spymaster #32 - The Most Dangerous Agent - Page 2

Updated Tue, Jan 26, 2010 by The Mittani

The Mittani: What do you think is the Achilles Heel of alliances in EVE?

Darwin's Accelerator: That’s an easy one:  arrogance.  No organization is perfectly strong or weak, but the worst attribute an organization can possess is arrogance.  Arrogance makes people think they have 'it' all figured out.  Arrogance makes explaining defeat very difficult.  Arrogant organizations rely much too heavily on cults of personality.  Arrogant people don’t go back to the drawing board and rethink the perfection of their strategies.  Especially when those stratagems exhibit both genius and “patience”.  Organizations that admit their failings, hold them up to the light, honestly examine and evaluate strategy and tactics, and then try again.  Those are the organizations that will ultimately succeed.

The Mittani: Did you have any 'near miss' experiences where your cover was almost blown?

Darwin's Accelerator: Perhaps surprisingly, no.  I buy/sell characters fairly often and they are sprinkled all around the universe.  So every trail I leave will, at some point, lead to a dead end.  In addition, because I no longer have a “main” character per se, I’m largely immune from complete exposure if it were to come to that. 

The Mittani: How would you compare your time as a spy to other professions/paths in EVE that you've experienced?

Darwin's Accelerator: They are not mutually exclusive.  Being a capable pilot, part-time FC, a helpful logistician, a willing Cap pilot, a fair-trading industrialist are all part and parcel of the package of social engineering required to make spying work.

The Mittani: Do you feel any sympathy for your target?

Darwin's Accelerator: Sympathy?  None.  EVE is a game.  We make, then blow up, internet spaceships.  eHonor is a game mechanic specifically NOT programmed into the universe by CCP.  All organizations should be prepared to deal with it and those that don’t . . hrmm . . . well I guess they just didn’t evolve. 

The Mittani: Do you think spying reflects on you as a person?

Darwin's Accelerator: Yes, absolutely.  I consider myself a bit of an ideologue and I frequently become obsessed with attaining goals by any means possible.  I am fully committed to bringing down the most self-important (yes, as defined by me) organizations in the game.  That, plus helping those with a similar view point, has been my goal for the last three years.  Interestingly, I am currently not in any “coalition” organization but do maintain a lot of contacts.

The Mittani: Anything else you'd like to comment on about EVE or espionage?

Darwin's Accelerator: Yes . .  Tonight’s messages for the Freedom Fighters across the universe . . . . for Period Basis-   “The chair is against the door.”  In Syndicate-  “The Governor is in Thad’s seat.”  In Khanid:  “Southpark starts at 5:00” . . .good luck . . . . . that is all.  /cue the Picard Song.

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