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Warhammer Online to Merge Two More Servers

By Stacy Jones -

Warhammer Online will be losing two more servers soon as community manager Andy Belford announced the news on the Warhammer Herald recently. The two latest victim servers will be Dark Crag and Phoenix Throne, but players will be offered free server transfers starting on Wednesday, December 2nd. Phoenix Throne will be able to transfer to Iron Rock or the Badlands server, while Dark Crag will will have the option of transferring to Gorfang or Volkmar server. To try and make the transaction a little less painful a 20% bonus to experience and renown will be enabled during the weeks following the transfers.

And so, it is after careful evaluation and much discussion that we are announcing free character transfers off of the Dark Crag and Phoenix Throne servers. At this time we plan to enable these free character transfers on Wednesday, December 2nd.

  • Read the announcement here.
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