Gearing Up in Star Trek Online – An Exclusive Interview with Cryptic Studios

Posted Mon, Nov 30, 2009 by Dalmarus

You can create the greatest game in the universe, but if it isn’t full of more loot than players can imagine, you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle with your playerbase the moment it releases. We managed to track down Star Trek Online Producer, Dan Stahl, and System Designer, Joe Harrington, and convinced them to enlighten us on the importance gear plays in this upcoming title from Cryptic Studios.

Ten Ton Hammer: How exactly does gear work? Are there slots for your character's gear such as a chest slot, leg slot, etc?

Joe Harrington: Yeah. You already know there's space and there's ground gameplay. On the ground, your captain avatar has multiple slots like a shield slot for a personal shield, a body slot for things like body armor. It has a kit slot for the various types of kits your class can use. It has a weapon slot with a primary and alternate so you can switch back and forth.

You also can equip your away team members. They have similar slots but not quite as many. They have a single gun slot, a shield slot, a body armor slot and a weapon slot. We also have consumable slots where you can slot up consumables so you can use them even though they’re in your inventory.

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