WoW Weekly Report - The Overpull - "Guild Hopping"

By David Piner -

The Overpull is here again this week full of fun, news, comics, discussion, and lore. That's a lot! This week we examine the habits of people who join guilds in the Barrens, have an awesome holiday inspired comic, talk about The Forsaken, and cover the last week in news. Come join The Overpull each week as we bring you ten tons of awesome online and to your inbox.

However, let me ask you a question. What if you were not in your guild right now thatÂ’s capable of raiding, even if it was Naxxramas? What if you were incapable of setting up a winning arena team? What if you were a step below a casual? Stuck in a world where even the welfare purps were overpowered. What if you were that guy, you know, the one you constantly gank with ease in the battlegrounds or just one of the filler people in Orgrimmar that no one knows?

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