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Festivult Arrives in Dungeons and Dragons Online

By Stacy Jones -

As the holiday season approaches each game celebrates in their own way. In Dungeons and Dragons Online the Coin Lords have created Festivult, a festival devised to drive back the evil and Long Shadow of the month of Vult (December). During this time players can gather "festival coins" that can drop from treasure chests throughout the game and trade them in for random prizes.

The Jester of the Festivult is now available in the game! He's looking for your copper, silver, and gold festival coins to exchange for wondrous festive treats! You can also drop by My.DDO to say hello to the Jester! The Jester is a disguised "friend of the Coin Lords." Nobody knows the true name of this fellow, but he can easily be identified by his colorful garb and dwarven stature. He will exchange festival coins for gifts crafted specially for the season from House Ghallanda and House Cannith! Just bring festival coins to the Jester of the Festivult, and he will give you a random gift from his festival bag of holding!

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