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Two big-news items for to appease your MMOG appetites today.

First up, a fantastic video of Mike Goslin, President of Disney VR Studios taking you on a tour of Pirates of the Caribbean Online. I must have an inner-ninja, because I always found it difficult to see any appeal in a pirated MMOG. Unfortunately, I missed out on E3 last year due to a death in the family and didn't get to see Pirates of the Caribbean (or Pirates of the Burning Sea) up close and personal.

"Join Mike Goslin, President of Disney VR Studios, and Joe Shochet, Creative Director / Lead Designer, for a video tour of the current in-development build of Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Tour melee and sea combat, check out the game's innovative gambling system, and even view the newest cutscenes featuring none other than Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa!"

After watching and rewatching the video I have to say that I'm impressed. I could probably get into a game like that.

A game expands, some free trials appear, George Lucas and more is but a click away today in Loading...

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