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Exclusive Interview with Champions Online Executive Producer, Bill Roper

Posted Wed, Dec 09, 2009 by Dalmarus

The Nemesis Confrontation update has come to Champions Online players and the battle is on! As heroes race to close a rift from the Shining Dark in their attempt to stop the devastatingly dangerous supervillain, Shadow Destroyer, questions abound. Join us as we track down Executive Producer, Bill Roper, to get them answered.

Ten Ton Hammer: Are there plans to expand the Shining Dark dimension in the future, becoming a playable zone in and of itself?

Bill: The Shining Dark is a great part of the Champions lore and is certainly worthy of further exploration. Multifaria is a compelling alternate reality and offers us a lot of interesting possibilities. We have a little something different in mind for our next big content push, but we certainly won’t forget about the darker side of earth.

Read the full Exclusive Interview with Champions Online Executive Producer, Bill Roper here!


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