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By John Hoskin -

Lord of the Rings Online is the #1 selling PC game in North America and Europe. Congratulations Turbine.

Days like this make covering the MMOG industry worth all of the work. Our teams at SOE Gamer Day (California and New York) and OGDC have delivered in a big way. Top it off with a dose of Coyote and you have a fantastic way to end the week.

If you haven't watched the video interview with Disney's Mike Goslin you are missing out. Mike is currently focused on development of Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

I embrace his game design doctrine of "Don't make them walk." Mike's philosophy is that players should be able to get to the "fun" as quickly as possible. He's right, in my humble opinion. I don't recount my fondest memories of any game that I have played with, "Oh, remember when we ran across the world for 45 minutes so that we could enter that cool dungeon?" The cool dungeon was the fun. The running was just a time-sink to slow down content consumption.

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