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Updated Mon, Dec 14, 2009 by Shayalyn

MMO Letters to Santa

Star Trek Online (Cryptic Studios)

What did Star Trek Online Producer, Craig Zinkievich, get for the holidays? Elf grief--'nuf said. And you thought those were just incredibly short Romulans, didn't you? Read it and weep, my friends.


Oh-ho, and where has the time gone my rotund and jolly friend? Is it December already? A yearly list you desire and a list you shall have, you adept distributor of wonderful goods! But, before we get down to 2009’s “wishing,” perhaps we could take a moment to follow-up on our previous communication?

Not a tribble, but just as troublesome./em>

I really – truly – do so appreciate the excitement and passion that your indentured elves have brought into the Star Trek Online Beta. And I certainly do not regret sending them invites. Oh, no. Certainly not! But – and it’s an ever-so-small but – could you please politely ask them to stop griefing players every second of every day?

We’ve posted on the forums. Pleaded, really.

We’ve sent warning e-mails. Demanded, even!

We’ve utilized the awesome power of Customer Service to suspended and / or ban no less than 26 separate accounts registered with “@northpole” or “@elvenworkshop” e-mail addresses! Banned! And can you believe it?

It doesn’t work. They won’t stop!

I’m sure they’re proud of how much Klingon profanity they know – who wouldn’t be? But, do they have to be so public about it?

As for my Christmas wish... How are you with arranging careers long-term? I mean, you’re immortal and you’ve somehow managed to maintain a successful enterprise based in a resource-free wasteland, so you must have some considerable business talent. If you could just focus that enterprise savvy onto figuring out how I can never-ever-forever-never have to executive produce another early February game launch... Yeah, that’d be swell. Really.

Sure, it’s a great time of year to launch an MMO and STO is raring to go. But it’s just after Christmas and I haven’t had the time to focus on all the gaming I need to do. Me! It’s almost embarrassing how far I haven’tgotten in Dragon Age. Brutal Legend, Beatles Rock Band, Uncharted 2, L4D, Spirit Tracks... They’re all just sitting there calling to me. Whispering secrets. Imploring me. Compelling me. And what can I do about it? Nothing!


Craig Zinkievich, Star Ttrek Online Executive Producer

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