Winter Dawning Festival Coming to Earth Eternal with Update 0.8.3

By Stacy Jones -

Earth Eternal fans are getting their own holiday event this year with the game's "Winter Dawning Festival" set to go live with patch 0.8.3. With the approaching holidays everyone is in a festive spirit, but there's always a few Grinches in the bunch. A creature named the Grindle is sneaking into the houses of children who misbehave and stealing their Winter Dawn Gifts. You know, like a reverse Santa. Players will be tasked with finding this creature and saving Winter Dawning from being ruined. Those who undertake the task will also need help as the dreaded Chill Lords and Chillkins have arrived to cause more trouble. Along with saving the holidays from impending doom, players will also be able to visit a Holiday Gift Giver in a capital city to receive an exclusive gift. Just be sure that sneaky Grindle doesn't take it from you.

  • You can read more about the event here.


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