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The Ten Ton Hammer Best of 2009 Awards - Page 2

Updated Fri, Jan 01, 2010 by B. de la Durantaye

is a tough thing to measure. What makes a good community and how do we deem a community excellent? This award gives us a chance to recognize the players of the games that we all enjoy. Let's face it; without the players there wouldn't be much fun in any game.

A good community, to us, is one that is friendly. It's one where players can log into a chat channel and be met with welcoming messages from online friends. It's a place where reputation means a lot and names are remembered. It's a community that has its friendly competition and maybe even some outright rivalry, but remains fun. It is constructive, offering potential solutions to game and community issues instead of shouting "foul!" and "I'm going to sue!" In short, it's a place anyone would feel at home and have fun for most of the time they're logged on.

That said, there's always going to be exceptions. There will always be players who can't see beyond their own noses. There will always be players who believe their $15 per month (or their ability to click a download link for free-to-play games) entitles them to an engraved marble plaque hand delivered by nine virgins in gold-trimmed chiffon to inform them the server will be down for ten minutes next July. No game we've ever encountered is free of these sorts of players. The only question is which type of player is the majority and which is the exception.

So, with all that in mind, the award for Best Community of 2009 goes to...


With one single server on which all players play, the community is very centralized. This helps a lot in promoting a community. Corporations make names for themselves; some good, some not so good. When it comes right down to it, EVE players are really EVE players. They share a commonality in interest and everyone knows what's going on in their virtual world.

Beyond this, the EVE community has an untamed drive to improve the game. And the developers are a part of that community. Players and developers banter back and forth on forums, suggestions are made, implemented, tested and executed, and everyone wins. The recent Dominion expansion is a perfect example of developers working together with the community to evolve the game in a positive direction.

In the end, it's hard to play EVE without becoming a part of the larger community. And for that, many congratulations go to EVE Online, CCP, and the players for making it that way.

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