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The Ten Ton Hammer Best of 2009 Awards - Page 3

Updated Fri, Jan 01, 2010 by B. de la Durantaye

 has been the driving force behind MMO Gaming and we would be amiss if we were to not recognize the roleplaying genre. Only recently have some MMOGs started to veer away from the roleplaying aspect but most games still promote it heavily. After all, who wants to be some average Joe in a game when they can do that themselves in their everday lives?

Massively multiplayer games are not necessarily always the best conduit for the roleplayer. It can often be hard to immerse yourself fully if thousands of players around you are not participating in your joy of talking like a dwarf. So, for a complete roleplaying experience it makes sense that we have to look away from MMO games and more towards single player or small group based games.

A good roleplaying game will keep a gamer enthralled for weeks or even months at a time. You simply cannot get into a character you've only played for five hours. The longer you have to become attached to your in game character, the more you'll begin to feel a part of the virtual world in which you play.

Story is also among the chief components of a good RPG. And there's only a few studios who know how to tell a great story. If done well the story of the world, its history, and the heroes and villains will become as much a part of your life while playing the game as your neighbors and friends in the real world. This kind of game is one that you simply can't stop playing and find yourself staying up much longer than you should just to unravel the next arc.

This year's winner is an obvious pick, and the congratulations go to...


BioWare did so much right with this title. From the first ten minutes in the game until its climactic ending 40-60 played hours later, the story will keep you involved. The characters are so rich in depth and personality that you really will believe they've taken on a life of their own. The world changes around you based on your actions, and the quests will have you wearing your adventure hat right in your own living room.

The gameplay is solid and thoughtful. Varying challenge levels make it a lot of fun to play for any degree of roleplaying fans, from casual to hardcore. Prefer a more action packed game? No problem. Can't get enough strategizing and number crunching? It can do that too. Rarely has a game of such profundity been so accessible to so many playstyles that we believe BioWare has very likely earned Dragon Age: Origins a spot in the top ten games of the decade.

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