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The Ten Ton Hammer Best of 2009 Awards - Page 4

Updated Fri, Jan 01, 2010 by B. de la Durantaye

of Ten Ton Hammer's Premium program got their say this year. We asked our readers to pick their favorite game or expansion that launched this year, and the results were quite spread out.

Some members enjoyed the thrill of a brand new game with a new world, new quests and new adventures, while others found their favorite somewhat closer to home and within an expansion. Some picked free-to-play titles and some others preferred games with a subscription model. Lore and story of the world played a part to some of our members. Others were more interested in PvP and other gameplay aspects.

Our readers tastes vary as widely as the games themselves, so this year's winner was anyone's guess. We didn't know if they were going to vote for the graphics, gameplay, class choice, combat, crafting mechanics, or the coolest and/or funniest title. We left it up to them, and they made their choice.

The votes have been cast and the winner of the 2009 Ten Ton Hammer Member's Choice award goes to...

(Cryptic Studios)

What's not to love about being a superhero?

The genre of Superheroes and Super Villains is nothing new to Cryptic Studios. Having developed City of Heroes before Champions Online, these guys are well familiar with super powers and how fun it can be to design your own hero and let him or her loose in the world.

Champions Online offers one of the most amazingly customizable character creation systems in the industry. There are literally thousands of options to make your hero look and feel just the way you want him/her to. We bet you'll spend several hours in the character customization alone.

And then the real fun begins. Make your way through Millenium City as it's under attack and travel to distant places to continue your adventure. Meet thousands of other heroes along the way who all have their own unique look and powers. Prove yourself in PvP battles or save a city. There's always something to do in Champions Online. And our readers love it.

If you're looking for CO guides, interviews, videos and more, look no further than our Champions Online Community Site.

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