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The Ten Ton Hammer Best of 2009 Awards - Page 5

Updated Fri, Jan 01, 2010 by B. de la Durantaye

are something all MMO Gamers look forward to. They make the old new again. Nowadays when a game launches, it is pretty much expected by its fans that it will see an expansion every year or two.

Excellence in an expansion can be measured by its innovation, attention to player requests and implementation. It's almost universally true that expansions incorporate new systems or new content of some sort apart from just adding new playfields. Whether the new content comes with a new playable class, a new achievements system, new forms of PvP, or the ability to create your own customizable soldier to lead, there's always something players can look forward to.

An expansion that adds new systems and new ideas that both work well and are cutting edge is a real sign of inventive genius. Several games suffer from lackluster expansions, so when a good one is launched, it can be appreciated by all--fans and casual observers alike.

This year saw a few good expansions, but there was one in particular that rose above the rest. The Ten Ton Hammer Best Expansion of 2009 Award goes to...


Siege of Mirkwood offers players the usual gambit of content one can expect of an expansion. It includes new quests and new zones and dungeons, a level cap increase, and new raids.

However, what makes this expansion the top on our list of 2009 is the upgrade to the combat system and the Skirmishes. We always felt a little disconnected with the combat in LotRO, and the new system just feels right. Combat is responsive and exciting.

The Skirmish system is one of the most fun ideas we've seen in the industry this year. Players can create and lead their own soldier in randomized instances. The soldier can be trained and skill up. Joining a skirmish is easy and provides quick, raw entertainment. As an added incentive, purchasing Siege of Mirkwood also includes all previous expansions and content updates.

Turbine continues to deliver on their commitment to their games. LotRO is no exception as its story-telling is among the best. The Siege of Mirkwood story concludes the events that began in the previous expansion and every step draws you deeper into the world.

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