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The Ten Ton Hammer Best of 2009 Awards - Page 6

Updated Fri, Jan 01, 2010 by B. de la Durantaye

games have boomed in popularity over the past few years. 2009 saw more quality subscription free games than ever before. The misconception that if it's free it must be bad is fading and more and more players are seeing free-to-play games as a valid MMOG choice.

We can't argue with the players. We've seen some excellent titles this year, some of which are as polished and chock-full of content as any subscription modeled game.

The measurement for excellence in the free-to-play market works a little differently than other categories as the entire success of the game depends upon the enjoyability of the game. To quantify this statement, subscription games obviously should be enjoyable, but pre-launch marketing can boost box sales, earning revenue apart from subscriptions. Free-to-play games don't have that luxury. They need to captivate players by their gameplay alone and need to be so entertaining that players will want to spend money on microtransactions.

This year we witnessed one game that has captivated a lot of players. The development team continues to work at a furious pace, bringing in new adventures, classes, and content on a monthly basis. No other game in the industry produces as much quality in such quantities as quickly as the winner of this year's award.

You've guessed it by now. The Ten Ton Hammer Best Free-to-Play Game of 2009 Award goes to...


Turbine really earned their second Ten Ton Hammer Award of 2009 with DDO Unlimited. Every month as their player numbers and optional subscription numbers increase, they prove that the right game and right amount of commitment from the developing team can make for a blockbuster success.

Perhaps DDO had an ace up its sleeve from its Stormreach launch, when it was a subscription only game. But that point is also what makes this title a particularly commendable game. Where other companies may have given up on a game after its initial population waned, Turbine believed in the franchise and figured out a way to get the game back on the charts. Who knew it would have climbed so rapidly on the list of player favorites?

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited has several options for players on any budget. There's tons of free enjoyable content, and every month Turbine adds exceptional new dungeons and quests that is either available to all, or can be purchased through the in-game store, or is included in their optional subscription choices. It enables the player to play and pay for only the content they want.

Congratulations Turbine for making the most accessible online game of the decade.

Find out all about DDO at our DDO Portal.

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