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The Ten Ton Hammer Best of 2009 Awards - Page 7

Updated Fri, Jan 01, 2010 by B. de la Durantaye

games are the ones that have you so excited to play that you lose sleep, take time off work or school, and make sure your schedule is clear for several days to play come launch.

They're also the games that keep you playing. They have some elements of all of the other awards listed today. They need to have a great community to keep things fun. They need the captivating story and lore of roleplaying games. They need to be anticipated and enjoyed by the audience. They need to have a healthy dose of content and continued dedication from the developers for updates to the game.

And they need to give the player the ability to grow wings and fly.

One game did all of that this year. It's been enjoyed by thousands of players around the world and saw one of the smoothest MMO launches in history. We had to wait in line to play, but we were willing to do so, because the game was a good one.

The Ten Ton Hammer Best Subscription Based Game of 2009 goes to none other than...


Aion was a surprise hit to many this year. Unlike many other triple A titles the marketing blitz for the game didn't really start to gain momentum until just a few months before its release. The game was coming, and players had heard about it, but it was still a little outside the radar for many until it was near completion.

And what a wonderful surprise it was! The game was very well polished from the get go. The interface is clean and intuitive. Any player can boot up the game for the first time and instantly get into the action without having to fight awkward controls or alien UI settings. The art of the game is glorious and vibrant while not being overly demanding of system specs. We wouldn't recommend it on a mid-range laptop, but most desktop computers should be able to run the game well.

Apart from all that, the game is just fun. The story has you getting into the lore of the world swiftly, and by the time you're ready to leave the newbie area, you'll have your wings. Literally. You can sprout your wings to fly over the playfield. Cool factor: 10.

Aion is very PvP focused. Balancing is always a challenge for any game, but even so, a flight through the Abyss and sieging PvP goals is rich, thrilling and rewarding. Fight enemy players on all three axes to get a truly unique PvP experience that will keep you logging in day after day.

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