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Posted Mon, May 14, 2007 by Boomjack

Our crack team of writers, rodeo clowns and proctologists continue to deliver some great content from the recent Online Game Developers Conference. To bypass my column and get to their articles just... hey now... you'll have to figure that out yourself.

A peculiar thought struck me as I muddled my way through some quests in Lord of the Rings Online. I was roaming in seeming endless circles looking for an item that a quest giver told me was "Northeast of Combe", when it struck me; if this item was so incredibly important to the NPC who sent me on the odyssey then he should have been more precise in explaining where to find it.

If I lost my valuable documents while fighting brigands in their camp, by the road with the bonfire shaped like a heart that produced smoke in the shape of a Model T Ford, I wouldn't describe it's location as "Northeast of Combe". I'd probably be more explicit, so that the person kind enough to help me wouldn't have to run around all day trying to find the dirty scoundrels that took the prized reports.

But I digress, my real qualm wasn't with the needless jogging or my inability to find my way in a straight line for more than 30 seconds at a time. My displeasure was with the fact that I felt insignificant. I can feel inconsequential any time that I please. I need only ask a government employee for help. Shouldn't a game make me feel powerful or at least important?

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