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Ten Ton Hammer: Are the different game mode maps available for both space and ground maps?

Zeke: The arena maps are available for space and ground. We have space and ground versions for the war zone maps. The PvP scenario maps are only in space for right now. That's sort of the type of thing that once it goes out to the player base, we'll see which maps they're really sinking their teeth into and really like and sort of support that going forward.

One of the things that we really like to do is see what the player base really wants and support those later. So if they end up wanting to have the scenario maps translated down to ground, we'll certainly do that. And if they want more space maps, then we'll do that too. We're more than happy to make sure that the players have what they want.

Ten Ton Hammer: Are there any sort of AI mobs in the maps at all?

Zeke: Yeah. The arena maps are pure, straight up, once side versus the other side rumbles. So there are no NPC mobs in those maps. But all the other ones do have AI critters running around and depending on whether or not it's a war zone, PvE focused map, or one of the scenario-based PvP map, that sort of sways how many computer opponents there are.

So like with the area control scenarios, you can't just waltz up and take the area right off the bat. There are things there that you have to disable first. But they're meant more as a delay so that you can't just blitz the other side and take your opponent unawares. They're not really meant to be the primary challenge. They're just there to kind of slow you down a little bit so that the other side can react to what's going on. And in the PvE (the war zone maps), they really are the objective and are difficult encounters that you have to work through like you normally would while you’re kind of watching out for the other team making a PvP run at you.

Ten Ton Hammer: One last question before we go. Would you consider most of the PvP to be more strategic or more like a brawl?

Zeke: It winds up being really strategic, especially the maps that have objectives on them. It's kind of funny. What we've found internally is that the maps themselves are really strategic but the combat is really, really compelling. So every now and then, you wind up catching yourself concentrating more on the brawling elements that you were talking about than the actually strategy of the map and then you're like, "Oh, wait! Wait! I've got to make sure we're actually winning instead of me just killing people!” So the maps themselves really offer multiple objectives for you to do, especially the scenario ones. You have to kind of weigh which objectives you want to do and how much straight-up fighting you want to do.

So far, there's been a really good balance where if you just focus on one or the other, the other team can exploit that pretty well so you need to have a good mix in there. Definitely, I would say they have a more strategic feel. The arenas are for when you just want to get in and fight other players and not worry about objectives. That's where you go for that and those are definitely big tactical-fests as opposed to strategic combat.


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