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Aion Weekly Newsletter - Double the XP, Double the Fun

Posted Tue, Dec 22, 2009 by Savanja

Aion players enjoyed their first double experience weekend and it seems it was quite the success! Crafting areas were over flowing with players looking to take advantage of Aion's secondary game and the cities were alive with activity.

It seems the experience boost revitalized the game, is this exactly what we needed or is it just a lazy quick fix to a serious problem?

Nothing is worse than playing a game for hours of your day and logging out feeling like you accomplished absolutely nothing. With Aion's partial lack of quests beyond the early 20s, the average player can expect to spend at least part of their time grinding out levels and this becomes much worse if a player doesn't live for dungeon runs. While grinding kills is a common pastime for some players and popular in Asian games, for most North American and European players, it is most definitely a burden that we don't wish to carry.

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