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CO wins Ten Ton Hammer Member's Award!

Posted Wed, Dec 23, 2009 by mattlow

The ballots have been counted and Champions Online has won the Ten Ton Hammer Members' Choice Award for 2009! Open up some champagne and celebrate! I'm sure Defender is partying with Witchcraft right now in Millennium City.

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Perfect World Entertainment has already made the move to mobile and now they’re making plans to head into the console space.

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Thu, Dec 19, 2013

Cryptic enhances hero customization for Champions Online with customizable auras that can be combined for unique visual effects.

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Fri, Nov 22, 2013

Cryptic sweetens the pot to tempt players to pony up and become lifetime subscribers and Champions Online.

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Thu, Nov 14, 2013

Perfect World Entertainment announces its Halloween plans for its online gaming lineup loaded with festive fun for shooters, heroes, and MMORPGs.

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Mon, Oct 28, 2013

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