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I'm jet-setting off to the surface of the Sun, currently called Arizona this weekend. There may or may not be a Loading... on Monday and Tuesday. If you are upset about missing Loading... (in the event I am unable to deliver the column) please contact our customer service department. Turn down your sound if you are at work. These guys are loud.

On the topic of loud, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes has received more press regarding its sale than it did regarding its launch. F13 prank called Brad McQuaid in the middle of the night and in Stephen Colbert style asked questions that nobody expected to be answered, but somehow were. Enjoy the interview. I'm weeping inside. Please make this story go away and let's get on with reintroducing the game to the players.

Customer service is rarely an easy task as our customer service department have proven. Now for a moment imagine if you will being one of the people tasked with dealing with the cesspit of humanity that inhabits the official World of Warcraft forums.

Customer service, meet the hammers, chats with Scott Brown, Peter Gollan and more are but a click away today in Loading...

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