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Runes of Magic: Intro to Macros - Page 2

Updated Sun, Jan 24, 2010 by ZeroMerc

The world of macros is diverse and deep. There is so much you can do and make the game easier to do certain things. I would not recommend going into it too far unless you are wanting to start writing addons. I still don't know everything there is to know about the land of addons but I now have a much greater appreciation of them and what they can do. I can promise you in all games that I play I will be experimenting with them more and more.

Below I have included a few macros that seem to be commonly used on the official boards. These macros have been tested and should work when properly applied. So please for your macroing enjoyment feel free to use and or learn from the below examples.


To Follow Target Player: do not change "target" to players name. Keep as is.

/script FollowUnit("target");

To Target Nearest Enemy

/script TargetNearestEnemy();

MANA / HEALTH POT MACRO: where # is where you have your pot located in your hot bar

/script UseAction(#);

To Macro a SPELL or several spells into one hotkey:
Spell Name - Please make sure you it is correctly spelled and Case Sensative
# = how many seconds before reading the next macro line.
it is wise to have /wait 1 for any instant spell due to Global Cooldown and Lag

/wait #


To have one macro trigger another macro
This Command Line must be placed LAST on macro #1 in order to trigger macro #2
Hot Key #1 Macro - once that macro ends it will trigger Macro #2
because of UseAction(2)

feel free to change # to any # you wish

/script if (UnitHealth("target")>0) then UseAction(#); end;

example: /script if (UnitHealth("target")>0) then UseAction(2); end;

To Loop a Macro so it will repeat the same command infinite times

/script if (UnitHealth("target")>0) then UseAction(#); end

example when macro is placed in Hot Bar #3:
the UseAction(3) will continue to hit that macro over and over

/script if (UnitHealth("target")>0) then UseAction(3); end

In conclusion macros are only what you make of them. So please if you have any macros you might like to share feel free to add them to the forms below. As my old friend Jenjamin Branklin used to say - "A macro shared is a macro used". Also the macros shown in this thread were found in various places around the web with most of them coming from some place on the official forms and not works of my own.


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