New Star Wars: The Old Republic Holorecord Explains the Sith Attack

Updated Sat, Jan 23, 2010 by Martuk

A new holorecord has been released for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The latest record from the Jedi archive details the Sith's surprise attack that began the Great War 28 years before the sacking of Coruscant. Master Gnost-Dural notes the brilliance of the Sith strategy by setting up secret puppet governments on Republic worlds and causing the Republic fleet to unknowingly find itself in enemy territory. The Sith's attack threw the Republic into disarray and it began to tear itself apart from the inside. Master Gnost-Dural explains that if not for the Jedi Order and certain Republic leaders acting without orders and slowing the Sith advancement, the Republic may have fallen long ago.

BTC 28 – Centuries after being driven into exile, the Sith Empire returned from deep space to launch the most calculated military assault in Republic history. Strategically revealing its attack in a menacing manner, the Sith struck fear into the hearts of the Republic’s defenders even while orchestrating surprise attacks at carefully targeted locations across the galaxy. When the Republic fleet rushed to respond, they discovered the Sith had established puppet governments on several planets in the Outer Rim. Surrounded by enemies and traitors, the Republic fleet was forced to scatter, allowing the Sith Empire to sweep through most of the Outer Rim without further challenge. The Empire’s initial victories put the Republic at a disadvantage for the duration of the Great War.

You can watch the new holorecord here.


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