Update 1.06 Released for Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

By Stacy Jones -

Update 1.06 found its way onto the Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures servers today. The latest update introduces some long awaited content to the game such as Guild Renown, a new Tier 3 raiding instance, new raid loot tokens, and more. Many of the classes received some minor tweaks, but the assassin class has gotten a full revamp that required it's own page separate from the official 1.06 patch notes.

Specifically to the Assassin, one area where we got a lot of feedback was the existing orientation of the trees to being somewhat explicitly “vs. caster,” or explicitly “vs. melee.” For the revamp, we decided to tone down this explicit split, as we felt as either tree should be capable of doing either job, but in different ways. Obviously there will always be an implicit division, as one tree or another will be simply be deemed more optimal for some activity or another, and this is just due to the fact different feats do different things. In general, we felt the most favourable situation was one where the differences between the trees can be measured in terms of how the players like to play the class, instead of what goal does the player want to achieve.

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