WoW: Weekly Roundup

Posted Mon, May 28, 2007 by LadySirse

Weekly Round Up

To end the week here at TenTonHammer we gather up all that happened here over the course of the week and put them here in one place for easy access. We also seek to find the best of the best on the official forums and award the Hammer Head award to the most moronic post we can find in the official forums (with so many to choose from it's not always easy to award just one)!
The anxiously-awaited Patch 2.1 finally arrived this week and the forums have been buzzing with talk about this latest addition to the game. Likewise, our team here at Ten Ton have churned out guides to help you along with some of the new content present in the patch.
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I really don't understand racism in the real world. People are what people are, regardless of skin pigmentation or where their ancestors came from. There's really only one real-world race - the Human Race - and I loathe everyone equally.

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