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Runes of Magic: Player Housing Overview

Updated Thu, Feb 18, 2010 by ZeroMerc

Housing is something that is often over looked in MMOG's as something that only the role players do.  Something that is really not for the masses. Well once again Runes of Magic has shown us that if you take a concept and do it right it can work really really well for everybody.  Join ZeroMerc for his house party!

Runes offers something I have never seen in any MMOG that I have ever played. (for the sake of complete disclosure I have only ever played 3 other games that offered individual housing.) It offers items for your home that actually enhance your character and gameplay rather than being purely cosmetic. Below are a few of these item types that you won’t want to overlook, even if you’re the type of player who typically isn’t into the concept of home decorating in an MMOG.
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