Ragnar Tørnquist Talks More The Secret World Goodness

By Stacy Jones -

Ragnar Tørnquist recently spoke with Critical Gamer about more The Secret World (TSW) goodness. In his latest interview, Tørnquist talks about the evolving game world within TSW and the team's focus on giving players things to do that at times may even alter the world. Tørnquist also notes that the game is scheduled for a release on the PC and Xbox 360, but there are currently no plans for a Playstation 3 version.

We have a lot of mechanics that will keep players playing for a long, long time – call them “time sinks” if you will, but they’re all about giving players a way to further develop their characters, to dig deeper into the setting and the lore, to earn achievements and rewards, to get embroiled in the faction gameplay, to increase their standing with their secret society, to compete for resources, to gain access to new content…and more.

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