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Microcosms Issue #8 - Dare to Compare

Posted Tue, Mar 09, 2010 by Medawky

While it's natural for gamers to compare their current game with a past one, and even more so with MMOGs, it is often times a misguided folly of the proverbial apples vs. oranges type. Eschewing common sense Ten Ton Hammer's Jason Bolton has dived feet first into the game resemblance discussion with a look at how two free-to-play MMOGs stack up against their AAA counterparts. Can there ever be equity between the two styles? Read this weeks column to find out.

I usually roll my eyes when I hear someone comparing two different MMOG titles, especially when one is a AAA title and the other is a free-to-play. However this new crop of subscriptionless games has closed the gap enough to make such a comparison possible. Now, this isn’t your typical in game general chat channel chatter about whose dad can beat up whose, but rather an assessment of the free-to-play titles and how well they would be able to the hold the interest of the on-the-fence gamer by giving them a familiar point of reference.
You can read the rest of the feature here.

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