EverQuest 2's Pet Classes Explained

Posted Mon, Jun 04, 2007 by Ethec

House training is only the beginning...

Meet the amazing pet classes of EverQuest 2 in the latest installment of Savanja's "Magical Mages" series! The necromancers and the conjurers are not only fun to play, but are undoubtedly two of the best solo classes in game. So what do you need to know if you want to play one? Read the overview of these classes, gain a bit of advice on how to get started as a soloer or a grouper, then take your summoner out for some gaming fun!

They both have the basic ability to call forth minions, either a fighter, scout, or mage, to assist them in battle, but other than being able to summon pets, conjurers and necromancers are fairly different. Conjurers call upon the powers of the elementals to aid in their battle against evil. They call down devastating spells of heat and cold to smite their foes.

There's plenty to get your started playing EQ2's pet classes at our EQ2 - Ten Ton Hammer community site!


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